• Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

    In the field of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) it is widely acknowledged that non-responder rates average at least 30%. Birnie et al. contend that when using objective parameters of LV remodeling the non-responders is even higher, 40-50%.

    There is further consensus that the pacemaker lead placement and interval (AV/RV-LV) settings are important determinants for improving CRT. Optimising CRT along these criteria requires instantaneous testing to yield the best hemodynamic response.

    With the help of CD Leycom’s Pressure-Volume technique, the physician is able to determine the ‘hemodynamics’ of each lead position/pacemaker in real-time. Several studies suggest a 25-35% increase in patient response rate 6 months after CRT implant. The Chronic effects of acute hemodynamic improvements to CRT is elegantly demonstrated by Steendijk et al.

  • Pediatric Cardiology

    "The use of conductance catheters, Doppler flow wires, and smaller traditional catheters will allow the pediatric cardiologist to more accurately and safely evaluate hemodynamic parameters."


    Kanter JP, Hellenbrand WE. Recent advances in non-interventional paediatric catheterization. Curr Opin Cardiol 2005; 20:75-79.

  • Cardiac Surgery
    An optimal interaction between the Ventricular Assist Device and assisted heart will depend on precise timing of maximal flow generated by the device in relation to the ejection phase of the assisted heart. Such precise timing can be derived from the pressure-volume plane. The logic holds that a heart treated with a pump should be analyzed as a pump.

  • Systolic/Diastolic Heart Failure

    Several publications note the usefulness of applying the conductance catheter technique to the diagnosis of Systolic and Diastolic heart failure. Westermann et al. recently demonstrated this by diagnosing 90 patients with CD Leycom’s pressure-volume technology. Kitzman referred to it as “state-of-the art”.

  • Left Ventricular Mechanical Dyssynchrony

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