In the 1980's a technology for measuring volume within the heart using information derived from the conductance of blood and tissue (conductance catheter technique) was developed by Professor Jan Baan, initially at The University of Pennsylvania and later with colleagues at the Institute for Experimental Cardiology at the LUMC. These efforts were first organised in a foundation named 'Leycom' which later became incorporated (mid 90s) under the name CD Leycom.

CD Leycom designs and develops medical devices for the continuous real-time measurement of cardiac function and performance in humans and animals based on this technology. In addition to volume, intracardiac pressure is recorded simultaneously to produce continuous real-time virtual images known as Pressure-Volume loops (PV-loops), widely recognized as a ‘Gold Standard' of cardiac function and performance, useful in Cardiac Research and in guiding treatment in the fight against heart disease.

The main facility of CD Leycom is located in Hengelo (NL) and houses the Marketing, Sales and Support. Teleflex Medical manufactures the catheters. Unitron manufactures the Inca and Sigma M.

CD Leycom places emphasis on Research & Development and enjoys active involvement from renowned scientists in the field of Cardiac research to guide product development and secure patents. CD Leycom owns patents and patents are pending on specific aspects of the technique.




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