Cardiac Performance Monitoring

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(INtraCardiac Analyzer),

a cardiac function and performance monitor based on pressure-volume analysis that enables practical and accurate perioperative ‘fine-tuning' of complex therapies.

The Inca® is the world's only clinically approved device that gives you unprecedented accuracy for Heart Failure (HF) diagnosis by enabling the analysis of the pressure-volume relationship, cardiac contractile state and intraventricular dyssynchrony. The Inca could improve the quality and efficiency of heart failure diagnosis and interventions leading to better patient outcome and an attractive cost-benefit ratio. 

The Inca® provides clinicians with:

                • Real-time, operator independent, intra-beat and beat-to-beat intra-ventricular measurement of cardiac function and performance; indispensable guidance for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) a.k.a. Biventricular Pacing
                • Real-time, 100% operator independent measurement of intra-ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony... a prerequisite for CRT and HF diagnosis
                • Reliable detection and quantification of Cardiomyopathy / Heart Failure conditions such as Systolic/Diastolic Heart Failure with low and normal ejection fraction (HFLEF/HFrEF, HFNEF/HFpEF)
                • Reliable analysis of right ventricular function in pulmonary hypertension

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Cardiac pressure-volume analysis:

Dubbed a "State-of-the art" technique for HFpEF diagnosis by Kitzman (Circulation 2008). 

Hailed by Lam (J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010) as 'particularly useful in the early diagnosis' of HFpEF.

Recognized by Borlaug and Kass (Heart Fail Clin. 2009) as providing 'greater insight into the mechanisms of disease in disorders such as HFpEF.

Defined by Tschöpe and Paulus (Circulation 2009) as the "gold standard for LV stiffness measurements".

Kasner et al. (Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2012) demonstrated that Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (PAH/PA) may lead to signs of HFpEF, induced by diastolic ventricular interaction, in the absence of intrinsic LV disease.




cath_kleurUnlike conventional solid-state pressure sensor catheters, CD Leycom catheters are equipped with full-bridge silicone microchip transducers making them more stable and less susceptible to drift. Our catheter line hosts pressure-volume (4F, 7F) combination catheters and pressure only catheters (6F), which are ideally suited for Angiographic studies (1000 P.S.I.) More information...

loops-monitor-400Conduct NT©controls your hardware and takes care of data acquisition and analysis (real-time) in a user-friendly fashion. The software is Windows based and features up to 60 variables that can be displayed in real-time. The user may choose from several views and even tailor the views to preference. Special features: intraventricular segmental dyssynchrony index; automatic calibration. More information...

IntraCardiac Analyzer (Inca)The Inca® is a minimally invasive cardiac performance monitor that offers physiological guidance during cardiac procedures. Special features: modular, real-time beat to beat measurement of Ventricular Mechanical Dyssynchrony and Systolic/Diastolic function in Heart Failure. More information...

Sigma-M pressure-volume monitor for animalsThe SIGMA-M©, successor to the Sigma-5DF, is a SMD technology based modular electronic signal conditioner-processor, enabling continuous calibrated measurement of ventricular volume combined with real time measurement of pressure; a complete system for the study of cardiac function by pressure-volume loop analysis. Special features: price:quality; hardware is software controlled; expandable; automatic calibration of pressure and volume. More information...

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